A Passion for Things


Amputation devices through time

Amputation devices

I woke up this morning and thought time to write a new blog.  We are in France at the moment, the weather is wonderfully hot at least over 35 degrees and my mind turned to bakelite once again (and why not?).  Well I am still bemoaning the fact that I had declined to purchase the most gorgeous little bakelite Box Brownie camera in a leather case from a vide grenier for 5€.  But worry not, as this is not another blog about bakelite and not even about people who collect bakelite, as I have previously touched upon Andy Warhol’s penchant for collecting carved bakelite bangles.  He also collected cookie jars and had over 175 when he died.

Andy Warhol's Cookie Jar Collection

Andy Warhol’s Cookie Jar Collection

No! I am thinking about when items are gathered together in a collection they always seem to me to be more than the sum of their individual parts and have a significance and beauty all of their own.  I am not really considering the psychological reasons why people collect or the very different and wacky things that are collected.  Rather than be too Freudian here I like to think that people collect either for fun, to rekindle childhood memories of perhaps toys played with in the past; or for investment, because a collection may be worth something in the future; or for a sense of achievement because it could be fulfilling to complete a collection; or a collection may demonstrate a sense of identity and individualism.  Collecting is what we humans do, and it is and has been an essential tool for the historian and anthropologist.  If humans didn’t collect then we wouldn’t have the wonderful contents of many of our museums today.  And for me, collecting isn’t just having a couple of items that are similar or the same, it is having that particular amount that makes it into a collection.  Considering the “odd number rule” I would say it’s got to be a minimum of three items.  Anyway having done a little research courtesy of the web I realised that people collect the most weird and sometimes horrible things.  From celebrity hair, to tattoos, to used toothbrushes.  For those with a nervous disposition or weak of stomach, and that includes me, I shan’t be venturing into this area of collecting.  See what you think of the following collections and do let me know what you collect, if anything.  (Images mostly courtesy of Pinterest).  



Voodoo masks

Whitefriars glass




Vintage cameras

Vintage cameras

Vintage tins


Old bottle collection

Old bottle collection

If you want to read more on the subject of collecting then check out Marjorie Akin an anthropologist from the University of California, who has written an essay, “Passionate Possession: The Formation of Private Collections,”

2 comments on “A Passion for Things

  1. reretro says:

    great images of great collections- thanks. especially like the vintage cameras~ where is that from?

    • bakelitebabe says:

      Oh cheers, so glad you liked it. My images for this post have in the main come from Pinterest. Its fab, you can search all sorts of subjects and make your own image story board. I am also now using my camera more. It’s just a case of taking it everywhere and snapping away and then coming home and seeing what you have captured. Cheers, Sue.

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