Latitude first night.

Obelisk Arena
Obelisk Arena

2,05 can’t sleep. SOMEONE in the next tent snoring, nightmare. Bloody cold too. Also want a wee but not walking miles in the cold at this time of the morning. Better put this away and try to get some sleep. Oh Joy!

There follows a rant!  Festivals are not as they used to be – or are they, comment. Are people primarily at festivals today to see the bands? Or are they there to be seen seeing the bands of the moment. Bands who they are told are the next big thing. They dance around but not to the beat, simply to show off their festival look, that you can now purchase on any high street. AND what is all this nonsense about queuing for 30 minutes to use a shower, since when did washing become a prerequisite at festivals. Surely a person can go four days without a wash? festivals are now brimming with doctors and lawyers all dressed in Barbour jackets and Hunter wellies. Since when did they stop listening to Phil Collins? Since they were told to in one of their glossy magazines. I mistakenly thought I was giving my son a unique and life changing experience, one that I was never able to have, only to realise that festivals, like regular dental check ups, are now quite common for children.  BUT you’ll be pleased to know that festivals are still COOL but it’s the kind of cool we are told is cool not the kind that we establish for ourselves is cool. I’m not sure that I feel entirely comfortable with that kind of cool. But hey, great bands can be seen and the mud can be experienced, so should I grumble? Well I have some grounds. I have a purring lion in the next tent who stays up till the wee small hours talking inane babble about DIY projects. Then when I set off for the toilets this morning I am able to pass any number of people, mainly mid thirties upwards who wouldn’t smile at you or give you eye contact, other than to do their best impression of a rabbit caught in headlights, if their lives depended on it. I kind of rest my case there, festivals are still cool but only the really cool ones are in your head.
Ignore the above rant I was cold and tired and woken up by the huge purring cat in the next tent.


Fantastic day 1 and the notable bands/artists were.

The Duke & The King – while this bands guitar front man looks like an extra from Deliverance, the girls Afro and voice together with the drummers is something special.  West coast blues rock and that’s good. That girl is Simi Stone, must be related to Sly.

The Vaccines – 3 minute pop songs that we are told by Radio 1 we must like. Well me no like. Who the hell is Zane Lowe to tell us what we should like? After all he’s no John Peel!

Wanda Jackson – liked by Elvis apparently, but nobody said he had taste in music.

Paloma Faith – now I can go one or two of Palomas songs but then I’ve had enough. She’s a but like peanut butter, one slice of toast with it in is enough.

Bright Eyes – apparently this band will be no more soon. That saddens me because they were very good. Conor Oberst will no doubt continue in some othr guise.

The National – well I didn’t know anything about this band but I definitely will be checking them out post festival. Huge anthems a very big stadium sound.

K T Tunstall – KT really rocks. What more can I say!

KT Tunstall
KT Tunstall

Chapel Club – London band, this is one if the, “you must like this band if you want to be seen to be cool”. Well they didn’t do it for me. Mainly because any band whose lyrics are inspired by Ted Hughes and Ernest Hemingway has got to be trying far too hard.

Adam Ant & The Good, The Mad And The Lovely Posse – what was I expecting? Well not what I got I don’t think. Adam and his posse really rocked. Yes he played all his hits but he moat definitely has still got it. The voice is still there, the looks are still there and he still has the moves in bucket loads. Here was a man showing us what he did do best and giving us a glimpse of what might yet be to come. I would say watch this space!

Ant Music
Ant Music

Villagers – briefly saw so won’t comment.

British Sea Power – Didn’t see them.  Ooops!

Rumer- when I first heard Rumer on the radio I thought it was Karen Carpenter. Super smooth jazz vocal chords. Sensual pop.

Seasick Steve – now here is a man who has quite obviously had nine or possibly more lives before this one. I first saw SS on Later with Jools and several times since. He plays blues, yes he sits down and uses guitars made from cigar boxes a d car hub caps and broom handles, but this is no gimmick, because he really has lived enough to play the blues. Live he is electric.

Sea Sick Steve
Sea Sick Steve

The Cribs – while eating.

My Morning Jacket – from Kentucky and fronted by Jim James. More folk rock anthems than you can shake a stick at.

Paolo Nutini – thank god he’s not making fish and chips. Fantastic live, with all the hits. A rich and fruity soulful voice.

The Children's Author
Dinkin Dings


Anna Calvi
Saw Kele from Bloc Party – superb

Iron & Wine

Bit of a bummer that I am at work tomorrow so will miss Suede, The Eels and James Blake, hey ho!

All in all a great weekend of music sunshine rain and mud, oh and super snorers.

The Crowd
The Obelisk Crowd