The French Property Hunt Is On!!!

What else can one do over half term?
I like to follow in the footsteps of my trend setting nephew. But this is turning out to be much more difficult than we thought it would be. Set off on Friday after work. Hubby drove all the way to Portsmouth and then onto the ferry. We were in reclining seats and it would have been better (as the Peck had suggested) to take sleeping bags for all of us and sleep on the floor as many people did. Long day Saturday driving down through France to Auch. Also ended up doing a detour through Versailles. Lovely to see the palace but just added time to our journey. Arrived in Auch about 7pm. Super room and then into Auch for a meal at an Italian restaurant. Then bed, oh joy. Up early Sunday for French breakfast and then sorting out the property itinery. Then off to Beaumont to see Garrel 88, Carolyns property. Ok but not my cup of tea. Then off to see Margaret and Stewart (Pecks friends). I think their house may be what we want. New and with few complications. Back to Auch and had a walk around the town and up to the cathedral. A super city and capital of the Gers region.

Tuesday and we have seen three properties one in Montreal one in Condom and one just outside Eauze. None up to what we would expect a home to be to put in an offer. I think we definitely want a new one but well built too if that’s not asking two much. Not necessarily a pool but a pool of some sort would be good, or room for a pool. Also not on a main road. This is like buying on eBay you just cannot rely on a picture though.

Thursday and more houses to see (will it ever end!). Eventually we have found something we actually like. Back to the hotel, if you can call it that, and into Cahors for a pizza. Number one son didn’t eat anything as his chicken nuggets and chips were not up to his standards. I think he is tired. Now back to the hotel. I’m sleeping on a different side tonight so I can avoid the huge neon flashing H sign outside our window.

Friday (Vendredi) seen a new house close to Figeac. Very nice and brand new but not sure about the area it is situated in a valley overlooking a grave yard.

Last stop Limoges in a Bienvenue Hotel, very nice and comfortable. No toy shops in Limoges so number one son not happy. Managed to find a climbing centre and that went down a storm.

Conclusion. Hurrah! We have found our little French house. Offer put in and accepted. Just waiting for rest of paperwork. Update due shortly with pictures.